Underground mandala of the Sobue Zenkoji Temple

Sobue Zenkoji Temple is located in the Inazawa City, about five minutes by taxi from the Morikami Station of Meitetsu Bisai Line. From Nagoya Station it is about 40 minutes ride to Morikami Station via Ichinomiya Station.

Sobue Zenkoji Temple

Its alter is beautifully decorated. The main statue is usually hidden behind a heavy door of the alter and the public viewing is conducted only once in every seven years.

Alter of Sobue Zenkoji Temple

Sobue Zenkoji Temple is famous for its underground 3D mandala.

This mandala is placed just underneath of the main alter, where secret statue is kept. To visit the mandala, we need to descend a stairway into a dark underground.

go to undergroud world of Sobue Zenkoji

Proceeding in the darkness, we see some illumination, then find a heavenly mandala.

Mandala of Sobue Zenkoji Temple

The most recomendable season to visit Sobue area is late October, when many ginkgko trees turn the color of their leaves in brilliant yellow.

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