Tanabata (Star) Festival along Honmachi Street in Ichinomiya City (only around 20th July)

Tour Schedule

Date of Tour: around July 27-30
Hours: 17:30 PM to 21:00 PM
Meeting Point: At JR Nagoya Station (to see a map please click here)
Language: English

Schedule: if you starts from Nagoya,
17:30 Meeting with your guide at JR Nagoya Station
17:30 to 18:00 Move to Ichinomiya City by JR Line (at your own expense)
18:00 to 19:00 Explanation by your guide and guided tour along Honmachi Street
19:00 to 20:30 Free time. Explore the streets and food stalls. Optionally you can try traditional haunted house with our guide (our guide will wait for you outside).
20:30 Meet at Owari Ichinomiya JR Station and good bye to your guide
20:30 to 21:00 Back to Nagoya. Or if you like, you can enjoy the festival until midnight but don’t miss the last train back to Nagoya.

About Tanabata Festival and Ichinomiya City

The Star Festival, known as Tanabata Festival in Japan, has its origin in ancient China. A young herder Hikoboshi and a weaver Orihime had fallen in love. When they started to live together, they stop working. The God had got angry and separated two by the heavenly river that is the milky way. They were allowed to meet only once a year on 7th July of lunar calendar.

Ichinomiya City used to be very famous for its textile industry. Even a shrine was dedicated for the goddess of weaving. This image of weaving goddess had overlapped with the image of Orihime. This might be the origin of Tanabata Festival in Ichinomiya City.

Shops in tanabata festivalMany shops are selling cheap toys, sweets, and Japanese traditional fast foods. These shops seem to have special appeals to children.
Young girls wearing yukataMany young ladies and some boys are wearing yukata, a simple form of kimono, especially for summer season.If you like to learn how to wear yukata, please visit ‘Dressing Yukata‘ site.
Japanese style haunted houseDuring the Festival, a Japanese style haunted house is opened in the compound of Masumida Shrine. Be scared by Japanese ghosts and monsters!


To enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese summer festival, visit in the evening. If you like to see some performances, visit there in the daytime.

Guide fee

The pricing below is our guideline. The price of your tour will be determined through the communication between you (customers) and our guides.

Duration of the tour* Guide fee including value-added-tax (VAT)
up to three (4) hours 15,000 yen
up to eight (8) hours 20,000 yen
over eight (8) hours and/or over night upon request

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Conditions of all tours

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