One day guided tours from Nagoya

Guided Nagoya tours

Our guide take you places in and around Nagoya.
One day tours by public transport (train, subway, bus).
Guide fee starts from 15,000 yen per group per day.

In case you need private cars, accommodation, etc. please make booking at least 2 (two) weeks in advance from Contact Page.

List of Tour Guides

Please see our guides from the link below and make contact whoever you like.

Places to visit in Nagoya

Popular destinations in Nagoya City

  • Nagoya Castle
  • Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
  • Noritake Garden
  • Tokugawa Museum
  • Tokugawa Garden
  • Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • Nagoya Port Aquarium
  • Sakae Shopping District
  • Osu
  • Nagoya TV Tower
  • SCMAGLEV and Railway Park
  • Atsuta Shrine
  • Sapporo Beer Factory
  • Arimatsu

Places can be visited in a day from Nagoya

You can also visit many places from Nagoya as a day trip.

  • Inuyama Castle and castle town
  • Gujo Hachiman
  • Takayama and Shirakawago
  • Ise Shrine
  • Gifu
  • Hikone Castle
  • Omi Nagahama
  • Tsumago and Magome (Nakasendo)
  • Mt. Gozaisho-dake Ropeway
  • Nagoya TV Tower
  • Hakone and Mt. Fuji
  • Nara
  • Osaka
  • Kyoto
  • Hiroshima
  • Himeji Castle

Guide fee

The pricing below is our guideline. The price of your tour will be determined through the communication between you (customers) and our guides.

Duration of the tour* Guide fee including value-added-tax (VAT)
up to three (4) hours 15,000 yen
up to eight (8) hours 20,000 yen
over eight (8) hours and/or over night upon request

Tour guides

Please click here to see the list of all tour guides and find one for your tour.

Conditions of all tours

Guide fee is payable only in cash in Japanese yen. We do not accept credit card or any peyment methods other than cash. Please pay the guide fee to the guide before you start the tour. Guide fee is not refundable once tour starts.
We can arrange car hiring and train/bus booking. In this case, you should contact to the guide at least 10 days before your tour. A travel agency will work for you and you should complete the payment online to confirm your booking. Cacellation policy of the travel agency will be applied.
During the tour, you pay all transportation, entrance fees and other necessary expences for you and your guide during the tour.
Meals are genenrally not included the tour. Our guide can help you to find meals. If you like to take meals together with the guide, please pay for the meals of guide.
For the detail of terms and conditions, please see this page.